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Personal iCloud Mail, with a custom e-mail address.

The hostname is Li Dongyang’s personal domain name for e-mails, you might encounter this ccTLD domain name in correspondence with Li Dongyang, it is not associated with any authorities and the MX record is, which means it is hosted on Apple Inc.’s data center.

iCloud for Windows open on a PC.

Purdue University Exchange Server

Li Dongyang’s address in the Purdue University Azure Active Directory for e-mail messages.

For communication purposes other than sending e-mail, the User Principal Name of Li Dongyang in Purdue University Azure Active Directory is li3107, Li Dongyang’s Purdue Career Account username.

Corresponding to the Purdue Career Account, use

Such as Zoom meetings, and Qualtrics surveys.

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  • Office:
1205 W State St Pmb 220
West Lafayette, Indiana 47907-2057
United States of America
  • Mailing address:
4621 Outer Loop Pmb 123
Louisville, Kentucky 40219-3970
United States of America

Should you have any concerns, or you would like to request more information, you can always reach out to me via any of the established channels.

Sincerely, Li Dongyang

Please review the list of legacy contact information, you can no longer reach Li Dongyang via these channels.