Trip to Chicago January 15th, 2022 to Jan 17th. - Li Dongyang

Trip to Chicago January 15th, 2022 to Jan 17th.

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Muti Conducts Beethoven 5 & 8

I went to Chicago for Riccardo Muti’s all Beethoven program for the Spring 2022 season; Muti conducts Beethoven’s 5th and 8th symphony and the Coriolan Overture.

I was only aviliable over the weekends and the only Saturday schedule is in the evening. But it was the MLK day for the upcoming Monday, so I decided to spend my long weekend in Chicago.

A nostalgic hotel

I chose to stay at the Hyatt Regency McCormick’s Place again for easy access to Haidlao and the food delivery from Chinatown. This is my third time staying at this hotel, and it feels nostalgic to me because my mother once stayed with me in this hotel back in August 2018, and we walked from McCormick’s Place to North Michigan Ave, which is a wonderful route along the Lake Michigan shoreline. I went on the same route again in October 2021, and it was just as beautiful as 2018.

Foodie in Chicago

Chicago has the best Dim Sum place in the Midwest, the MingHin Cuisine has a lot of locations in the area, and most of them are modern, clean, and delicious. The Blue Bottle Coffee in Chicago was closed due to COVID-19 variants when I was here in Dec 2021, now it only offers take-out options, so I had to enjoy my New Orleans-style Iced Coffee and Citrus-Roasted Chicken Bowl by the windy Chicago river. I revisited HaiSous Vietnamese Kitchen, a MICHELIN Guide’s restaurant for their Winter tasting menu, which is frankly not on the same level as the last menu, maybe I am biased as their theme is Vietnamese-Chinese, and I have a lot of experience in Chinese food. But Haidilao is always the place where I had no complaints because I can always have a big meal there.

Revisiting the Art Institute of Chicago

Whenever I have time in Chicago, I would visit the Art Institute of Chicago, a great museum for different genres of arts. Sometimes I immerse myself in the paintings that are centuries old, trying to glance into what life people back then lived. For this time, I enjoyed the modern architecture the modern wing presented, especially the Toast Rack made in about 1880, I am amazed by how exquisite it is just for a toast rack.