Clothing size information - Li Dongyang

Clothing size information

To facilitate clothing ordering, Li Dongyang has made the following size information available.

Neck17.7 inches
Sleeve30.7 inches
Chest47.2 inches
Size tag (The first number on the size tag refers to the neck size and the second number is the sleeve length.)17.7 30.7
Nike men’s shoe size12
Allen Edmonds Park Avenue size11.5 EEE
Last updated: 2021-05-22


Size Details (60R, 4XL)CentimetersInches
Chest width6525.6
Waist width5923.2
Jacket length8131.8
Sleeve length right65.525.8
Sleeve length left65.525.8
Hip width6324.8
Shoulder width259.8
Back width25.510
Vent length2710.6
Front length8433
Front panel widthStandardStandard
Bicep around25.510
Sleeve opening width15.56.2
Upper arm & armholeStandardStandard
Collar heightStandardStandard
Collar widthStandardStandard
Posture-0.5: Backward minimally-0.2
Shoulder height right-0.5: Lower slightly-0.2
Shoulder height leftStandardStandard
Closing button height-1.5: Lower slightly-0.6: Lower slightly
Armhole-0.5: Higher minimally-0.2: Higher minimally
Sleeve rotation+0.5: Rotate slightly+0.2: Rotate slightly


Size Details (44R, 4XL)CentimetersInches
Waist width55.521.8
Upper leg width33.513.2
Lower leg width259.8
Foot opening width21.58.4
Inside leg right7830.8
Inside leg left7830.8
Front rise23.59.2
Back rise42.516.8
Seat width+1.0: Increase marginally+0.4: Increase marginally
Hip widthStandardStandard
Flat seatStandardStandard


Size Details (50L, 4XL)CentimetersInches
Chest width6224.4
Waist width5923.2
Hip width60.523.8
Waistcoat length6726.4
Front panel widthStandardStandard
Posture-0.5: Backwards minimally-0.2: Backwards minimally
Shoulder height rightStandardStandard
Shoulder height leftStandardStandard
Armhole aroundStandardStandard
Closing button heightStandardStandard
Front length+1.5: Increase moderately+0.6: Increase moderately